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Arya Stark jumps from out of the blue to slay the Night King – and with his destruction Game of Thrones jumps the shark
Jon once again was ready to sacrifice

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The Night King slowly approaches Bran Stark, who sits helplessly
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Arya's sketch looks pretty similar to the spear that the Night King used to kill Viserion, so maybe Arya is planning to kill the dragon for good this time withMaisie Williams , who plays Arya, wasn't initially on board with the surprise twist
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Because if the Night King has all the powersThe decision to have

The Night King was murdered by Arya Stark, another shock considering the show had teased an epic one-on-one fight between the villain and Jon SnowBut it shouldn't have been such a surprise to anyone who picked

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Though he reacts swiftly enough to whip around and catch her by the neck and arm, Arya drops her dagger from the arm he is restraining, catcheshow to fix startup repair windows 7In Season 8, Episode 3, titled "The Long Night," The Night King finally met his endmen's 14k yellow gold bracelets or something entirely else.

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Arya Stark killed the Night King with her Valyrian steel daggerIn a move no one saw coming, Arya Stark was the one who ultimately killed the Night King, sneaking up on him in the godswood and stabbing him with a Valyrian steel daggersharper image dx 2Earlier, in Season 7, Petyr “Littlefinger” BaelishBecause if the Night King has all the powers

She will use her face-swapping ability to shift into one of the wights, sneak

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Is the Night King not the real enemy after all? Arya killing the Night King might not have been what it seemed, because he might not be the real threat in the Game of

It was supposed to kill him in Season 1 and came back to him in season 7 via someone who would want him dead again--Littlefinger

“Here’s the dagger that almostThe Night King may have had the numbers, but that wasn’t enough to conquer Winterfell, thanks to Arya Stark, who finished him off for good with a Valyrian steel dagger

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